After Signing in to Bigpond id, the email Suspension Page is Coming

That was the general intro for getting started with Bigpond’s email. Users would surely want to learn more about its service and features. Well, in the following portion we will be talking about a particular feature that can be used in Bigpond email. The email client software provides the storage space which is also known as cloud storage. In the following space, user can store their email and attachments, and the corresponding data can be shared with other users. The user will have to grant permission for allowing the next user to access the file, or if the user doesn’t want it to be that complex then setting it in public will make things easier. It is best to understand both the case and make the decision for sharing your files. If there is any other question for Bigpond email and for the given feature then kindly reach out to the Customer Care Center.

If we sit back with our parents or even grandparents and ask about the technology which was used in their age then one confirmed answer is email service.Email is something that was used from a very old time, the main purpose of the email service was to communicate with another user. The email made it easier to communicate in which the message could be sent instantly. The process for using email services such as Bigpond is very simple;the user will just have to create an account in which there is some process, an easy process in which a form should be filled with personal details and with confirmation of the new email account is created. Then as a user,you can start operating the email service. Once you create an account on Bigpond email there are several things that are there for us, to learn the features and work kindly reach out to Support Service Number.

In the following section, we will be talking about some issues which have occurred in Bigpond, and due to the issue user were not able to operate the Bigpond email client software. Looking at the case, users were not able to sign in to their email account, at the time of signing in there was a message of suspension given on a page. Let’s look at the cause and possible solution for such a case in the Bigpond email.

  • The first and foremost reason is for the problem may occur due to payment delay. If the payment is due the account is suspended.
  • If the user has not used their email account for a long time then the system will automatically suspend the account.
  • If abnormal activity is detected in the user’s account such as spamming then the email is suspended.

The above-given instruction will surely help the user to solve the problem, for more such information on Bigpond email connect with Bigpond Technical Support.

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