Bigpond Account Suspended Coming after Login Webmail

Bigpond mail which is known as one of the most used email clients has come with its new update. The user’s email client will automatically update when they are connected tothe internet. For users whose app is not automatically connected can manually update the email client to the latest version. There is one thing that users must keep in mind. If the Bigpond mail is not updated to the latest version the functions may not operate normally. Users might have difficulty using the email services. If there are users who are facing such sort of issues then there is a Helpline Number for Bigpond. Users can report the state of their account and get accompanied by easy solutions.

Now for users who are frequently in touch with email services may have gone through an issue where the account is suspended. We can frankly say that users are not sure why their email account is suspended, what is the reason behind it? Well in the following content we will be looking at the case where the account gets suspended. Users can also get details about suspended accounts fromCustomer Support.

We must understand that the account is usually suspended due to three main reasons. In the points below, we will be providing detailed information about what are the four main reasons for an account to be suspended.

Payment not complete

If users account is left for paying the dues for their account in such case the account will be suspended. All of the emails are received also at the time of suspension but users will have no access to viewing the emails. Also in these cases, the email sent to the suspended will be retracted back to the sender.

Solving the problem

Users will have to re-activate their accounts to solve the issue. There are no other options than paying the dues. After the account has no record of dues, it will be activated after 24 hours.

If the account gets hacked/compromised

If unknown users get access to your account then the Bigpond system will detect the unusual activity which will automatically suspend the account. The following step is taken to keep users’ accounts safe.

Solving the problem

To solve the problem users will have to contact Support Service and re-activate their account. After the account is activated don’t forget to change the password.

No longer a user of Telstra

After the users no longer use the service for Telstra mail, the system will suspend the account after 30 days. Then the user will not be able to operate the Bigpond mail to send or receive emails.

In conclusion, if users don’t want their email account to be suspended then make sure to pay the bills in time and also don’t forget to change the password in a regular interval of days to keep the account safe. For more kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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