Bigpond Email Receive Issue in Windows Mail App

Bigpond is an email service that allows users to send and receive emails around the web. Well, we all know that email services are mainly used for sending/receiving emails. But with Bigpond, it is not just limited to sending emails. Now users are able to perform various tasks from Bigpond mail. One of the most used features is the email account connection. In this feature,the user will be able to connect any of their email accounts to Bigpond mail. With the feature, users will not have to operate separate email clients to access their accounts. User can check their emails from Bigpond mail.And now users can attach images and videos to their email and send them. The image and video will have a certain limit of how much the user can upload the file. If users are interested in learning the features offered by Bigpond mail contact the Service Center.

As we were talking about the new feature for connecting accounts. Windows mail account users have used the feature. The functionality is quite handy and any number of accounts can be added. Now users can easily connect their email from the secondary account. We do understand there are various responsibilities due to which users need to create multiple accounts. The feature was introduced looking at the need of the user. The feature was used by many users around the world and in the past week,some users were facing issues with the Bigpond email, not receiving the email when connected with the Windows mail app. There were several complaints registered by users and we’re looking for solutions. If you are also facing such issues then report the situation directly to the Support Service.

Looking at the case there is a problem in connection with Bigpond mail and Window mail app. These are common issues which are faced by users, but not to worry the problem can be fixed easily with some instructions. The points are mentioned below.

  • The first thing to do is check on the internet connection. If there is no internet connection then the email client will not work. One of the main reasons is due to no internet connection.
  • In the case where the user operates their email from the mail client, the user will have to check on their app update. It is very necessary for users to update their app to the latest version. If users have the older version then the new functionality will not fully operate.
  • The next thing for users to check is their security settings. To do so users can take Technical Support to check on their security settings. If there are any systems set for blocking the mail service by Antivirus or firewall then the issues may occur.

These are the ways to fix the issue, if users are not able to fix the problem then do not worry Bigpond Customer Support Service will take care of users.

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