Bigpond Email Server Rejected by Mac Mail

Did the user know about the cloud storage facility provided by the Bigpond email? Most of the users may not be aware of the feature but every user who creates an account on Bigpond email will be provided with a mailbox that can hold the data storage upto 10 GB.In the following storage, users can easily save their emails and attachments. The following storage data can also be shared with another user.Now that was one feature for Bigpond email, as such, there ismuch other added functionality such as filtering spam emails. We do connect our email to many of the sites which are present on the web, and from those sites, we often get spam emails directly or indirectly. If you are using Bigpond email then those users can enable the spam filter which will block all unnecessary emails. It is best for users to check on the following folder once in a while and delete them which are occupying unnecessary space on your account. To learn these types of essential information about Bigpond email, users can connect with Customer Care.

The following information could be a little advanced for new email users. Well, Bigpond is a very big place where email can be used and extended on a larger scale. As we have mentioned, Bigpond email can be easily used for business purposes and individual use. For those users who are using it for business use, those users can setup their email setting server and access the email in the workplace. The following information must be super confusing for users, talking about business users, servers, and setup. Well in a normal process for setting up a user’s account is not that complicated, well trust me, in the beginning, the same thing could be confusing but after using it for some time, it will be a habit to get used to it. Don’t worry if the user wants to learn these topics about Bigpond in detail then connect with Bigpond Helpdesk where all things will be explained in detail.

After completing the part of getting into email settings and servers, now we will be looking at a similar case in which users have got themselves surrounded by issues. We will be provided with the necessary steps to solve the problem. The issue which user was facing with Bigpond is the email service is rejected by Mac mail. As we mentioned Bigpond can be used in an advanced manner, in the following case the server is having some issue with Mac mail. Follow the instruction below to know the cause and learn how to solve the problem.

  • If the server settings were altered by the user and changes haven’t been made then the issue is created.
  • If a new version of any of the email client software is released and users are still using the older version then such an issue does occur.
  • The next reason here could be due to the internet, make sure the internet is running smooth and fast.
  • In any case, if the user has changed the password then the new password should be updated.

After going through the given points user will be able to solve the issue with Mac mail email settings. If there is any other question for Bigpond email then connect with Bigpond Technical Support.

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