Bigpond emails are not syncing in the windows mail app after reset the password.

In our day-to-day life email has become a very important part of society. We can see how the world is processing nowadays so is the way of communicating with others is also developing. From the development, email is the result of what we get where communication can be made in a much simpler manner. With email, the distance of the receiver will not be a problem, with just a single send click the receiver will get the email instantly. Well in case if the internet speed is slow it might take upto 1 minute but that part can be neglected. Comparing the old days where the letters took months to reach out to the person, email is very fast. Users can get started with Bigpond mail, which is a genuine email client service provider, interested users can get in touch with Customer Care and learn about the email client.

Nowadays email service has become very advanced compared with the older version of email services. And Bigpond is one the best email client which has implemented the latest feature on their email application. With the latest version of Telstra mail, users will be able to connect their other email accounts to Telstra mail. In short, the feature is introduced to combine all emails into one where users can access all of their email accounts from a common point. It will save loads of time and also users will not have to install another email client on their device. Learn all the exciting features offered by Bigpond mail from Support Service.

Using Bigpond service is very reliable but there are moments where the system might not behave as we expect. It means that Bigpond mail also gets into trouble and these issues can be solved with easy solutions. Here we will be talking about an issue where Bigpond email is not syncing in Windows 10 mail after resetting the password. If the account is not accepting to sync then due to various reasons the problem can be experienced. We will provide our users with various information about how can they solve the problem. Kindly follow the steps given below.

  • Users will have to check on the connectivity of their email server. If it is not working correctly, the syncing will not work.
  • Next users will have to verify that their security software is not conflicting. Antivirus and firewalls do have the feature to disable the email features. Check and make sure the security software is not conflicting with any settings.
  • It is suggested to turn off the Windows Defender Security Center
  • Users can allow the Mail and Calendar app with the Windows Firewall option.
  • Diable any third-party security software.

After going through the points users will be able to sync successfully. If there are any further questions for Bigpond mail contact the Bigpond Technical Support.

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