Can’t see emails in Bigpond webmail?

If we are running a bigger organization than to make connections or communication, email is a great way of exchanging information. If an organization is looked forward to gaining much profit then using email service can significantly have more impact on it. If single users are thinking about if the service is available for them too? Then the answer is yes, Bigpond is available for single users as well as for corporate-level use. If we look at the functionality and feature offered by Telstra, in Bigpond we can find every other useful feature which can make our day-to-day lives work easy. We will be providing the user with some details about the feature and if users have any questions for Bigpond mail then Technical Support will provide all required information.

As we did mention that we will be talking about a particular feature found in Bigpond mail, which is the two-step verification feature. We all know that the account should be kept safe all the time, if we share our password or keep a simple password then the account could get compromised and all the data stored in your account could be stolen. To avoid such situations, Bigpond comes with two-factor authentication, which means if the user wants to login into their account then, the sign-in should be done in two different ways. Only if users sign in from both the mediums the account will be accessible, with the following feature users will be able to secure their account from being hacked or compromised. In case users are not aware of such security factors about their account, contact Customer Care for a detailed explanation.

Some of the users have mentioned that they are not able to see any new emails on their accounts. Users also have checked by sending an email with their other account and have confirmed that the email was not received. These sorts of the situation are often experienced while using email services, and there are several reasons for such incident to occur. For user’s support, we have provided a possible reason for the emails not be to seen in your Inbox. Check on the points given below.

  • If the received email is scanned as Spam then the email will be sent to the Spam folder.
  • Users can check the email by clicking on the All mail section.
  • If users don’t have enough space on their account then an email will not be received.
  • It could also be caused due to slow internet connection.
  • Make sure the browser is updated and supported.

After going through the points users will be able to find the reason for their case and solve the situation easily. If users are not sure and require support then connect with Bigpond Support Service for a detailed explanation.

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