Can’t send or receive emails on bigpond account

Bigpond, or also in the newer version known as the Telstra mail, is a telecommunication company that provides email service as well as internet service. Now in 2021, Bigpond has successfully able to remain a primary client for all customers living in Australia. It also supports Telstra’s plans which would completely not agree on the brand and the company taking over all of the email services going in great height. As for now, Bigpond has millions of users, and whenever there is any sort of problem with the Bigpond functionality or making any changes to the user’s account, users can take full Support from the Technical Support or communicate their online chat.

Email service has been used from a very old-time and is still the primary sectors of making the connection and sending over emails. Bigpond mail can sometimes catch up with errors, and it is totally fine. Such incidents do occur, and if users are aware of the situation here, solving the problem will not be of much trouble. There are many cases which users can stick with as we talk here about an issue where users are not able to send or receive any of Bigpond email. We offer our valued users effective Customer Care. Kindly reach out to Support for additional information about such issues related to Bigpond.

Let us look at the problem, the reasons behind it and the process for solving it. Follow along with the given points.

Reason: Slow or Limited Internet connection

User will have a hard time sending or receiving emails on their Telstra webmail account if the internet is not working or is in a state of lag.

How to solve

The problem here can be solved by working on the internet connection, solve the lag connection. Users can contact the ISP and state the condition of their connection. Check the modern/router is properly connected and the buttons are working. Firewall and antivirus should be checked. The features on it will not let users operate email services. Once the internet is working, the user will be able to send and receive emails.

Reason: Service is down due to maintenance work

There are instances where the company needs to work on some maintenance and make changes in the webmail services. At the time of servicing, the webmail will not be accessible by the user. So, sending or receiving mail will not work.

How to solve

Well, there are no such solutions for that cause. The user will have to wait until the maintenance is completed. Well, these sort of issues are not often experienced frequently, and the user has to face then wait for an hour to get the maintenance over.

If there are any other questions related to Bigpond, don’t forget to give us a call at our toll-free Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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