How can I Block Spam on my Telstra Email?

If we are looking for software that works best in sending/receiving messages thenan email service is the one that would be best for users. Email is known as an electronic email which was invented for making digital communication possible. After the email service was launched, the process for sending and receiving messages was made easy. For a long, the email service was used simply for sending and receiving emails. But as time grew by there were many changes and addition made to the email service. If we look at Telstra email in the latest version, we can find many new features and functionality which make our mail experience more profound. We suggest users experience the email service and see for themselves if the service offered by Telstra is worth it or not. We can make sure that the users will not be disappointed, if you have questions for Telstra mail then kindly reach out to Customer Care.

We have completed the basic introduction for Telstra email and now users may have realized that Telstra is softwarethat has great potential. Let us demonstrate to you by providing some of the cool features offered by Telstra email. With Telstra email users can now connect their email account on any other device, and not only that with the following feature user can also use the multi-factor authentication feature to secure the account from being hacked. In the following feature, users will require to sign in from different device to login into their account, until both device logs in the user will not able to access the following account.And adding more, with the following feature user will also be easily able to reset their email password or verify with just a tap or click. To know more about the feature in detail kindly reach out to Support Center.

There back then we learned some helpful features offered by Telstra email. But that is not the end, there are more features offered by Telstra mail. One of the problems which we face while using email services is spam emails. These spam emails never leave us and users may not have any idea about how to get rid of these spam emails. Don’t worry Telstra has also covered the part for us, there is a way where users can block these spams emails from their account. The complete process for blocking the email is given the points mentioned below.

  • As usual, we need to open our Telstra email account.
  • Then head to Settings on the right side of the screen.
  • The user will then have to click on Mail.
  • Click on blocked senders on the sub-menu
  • Then the user can add the preferred email address to block the user.

If a user wants to learn any other such feature offered by Telstra mail then contact Bigpond Technical Support.

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