How do I set up my Telstra Mail® on Windows Vista Mail?

Looking upon various email client software which is available on the web, one of the most used email client software is Telstra mail. We all may have heard about Telstra mail once in our lifetime, it is the leading telecommunication company that has been serving users for many years. After using the service many numbers of people have loved the service offered by Telstra. Telstra has many services to offer for users but among them, we will be discussing Telstra email services. Email is the oldest known digital media which helps us to communicate and deliver messages from one part of the world to another. Well as to do so, the user must have access to a computer device and internet. And with an email address and password users can access their email account and start using the email service. There might be some questionsabout Telstra email, if there are any;users can connect with Support Service.

Users are now aware that using Telstra email requires an email address and password. After that users can login to their email account and start sending emails. Now, these are the most basic process which we need to follow after creating an account. Getting deeper, now we will discuss a particular feature that is available on Telstra email. There are many useful features available on Telstra mail; users can use all of them for free. One of the most used features on Telstra mail is connecting another email account on Telstra email. Yes, it is possible and the feature is already out and users are using the service. We all have multiple email account these days, and managing all of them ispretty hectic. To make the process easier, Bigpond has now brought in a feature where users can connect their other email account. If users don’t have much knowledge about the feature then connect with Customer Care to learn more aboutthe feature.

For users who have learned about the feature and are now ready to get along with the process. We have prepared a list of steps where users can easily just follow the instructions and connect their Windows Vista mail on Telstra mail. The process is very simple; users must make sure to follow the exact given steps so that they don’t get any sort of error or issues. Well, the steps are given below.

  • Users will have to open their Windows Vista mail.
  • After opening the email client, users will then have to open an Account from the Tool menu.
  • Click on Add then head to an Email account.
  • Then the user will have to enter their Telstra mail account details.
  • Now the user will have to make changes to the server settings.
  • Set the Incoming and Outgoing server information.
  • Then complete the Internet Accounts page and the account will be connected.

If there is any sort of confusion or problem with the given steps then give us a call at Bigpond Technical Support for further support.

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