How do you Change your Bigpond Email Password?

We all know that email is a simple and easy way to connect with other users around the globe. Due to its simple and minimal nature, most companies or others are dependent on using email services. An email was basically introduced to easily communicate with other users, there is other software for communication but email is always picked over other software. Bigpond email service is a place that is governed by Telstra which is a growing telecommunication company. There are millions of users around the globe who are accessing Telstra services. Bigpond is one of the most used services offered by Telstra email. It has services for single as well as for commercial use. If users want to get started with Bigpond email then kindly reach out to Customer Care Number, the experts will provide all necessary information to get started,

That was the introduction tothe Bigpond email service. As the user gets started with Bigpond email there are several other things that users must be aware of. To operate Bigpond email, users will have to be familiar with the system and its features. Let’s check on some of the cool features which Bigpond provides to us. Users are now able to easily connect their two factor-authenticationsby tapping on the phone and making some changes on the browser. In the earlier version users had to manually open the site and enter their password to authenticate. Now things have been made easier, through Bluetooth connection users will be able to authenticate their email account and connect. If users don’t know much about the feature then connect with Support Service, all necessary information will be provided to the user.

Now we checked on the introduction of the Bigpond email, then we came to learn about some interesting and useful features of Bigpond email. Now it is time to learn how to solve problems in Bigpond email. There could be a case where the user could require changing their email password. There are often times when we often forget our email password or misplace it. Follow the points given below to Recover Bigpond Email Password.

Steps to recover Bigpond email password

  • The first user will have to open their Telstra website or App.
  • Then search for Sign in and double click on it.
  • Next on the sign-in page, the user will have to click on Forgot Password Details.
  • On the new page, enter the user’s email address.
  • Users will then have to click on Forget password.
  • A verification code will be sent tothe user’s secondary email or phone.
  • Enter the code and a new link will be sent where users can create a new password.

If there is any confusion with the process then kindly reach out to Technical Support for additional support.

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