How to access Bigpond email on the browser?

We came to know that most of the users are often confused between the term Bigpond and Telstra, there are various times where we can see Bigpond mail and Telstra mail, well both of the terms are the same. Telstra is a telecommunication company which is situated inAustralia and the term Bigpond is used for defining the email service for Telstra. Now users must be clear about what Bigpond and Telstra mail is when referred to in various articles. Email is a service that has been used for a very long time, if you want to communicate with other people through the web then emailing is the best option to communicate. There are other many software that is designed to communicate but after using email service users will not think of other software except email. Now to make the experience more reliable Bigpond provides all necessary features and functionality. Users can get started with the email service right away, just head to the official website and by filling out the form users can easily create their Bigpond email account. If users require any sort of help or support for using Bigpond mail then don’t forget to give us a call at Customer Support.

Looking at the basic introduction of Bigpond mail now it is time to look more at what Bigpond mail provides us. As we said there are many features embedded in the software, users can make great use of the features. One of the most used features on Bigpond is two-factor authentication. Users must have understood from the term that it is a security feature that can be used to protect a user’s account. There are many times when our account could get compromised or hacked. If users have enabled the two-factor authentication then to login into the users’ account, the user will have to sign in through different devices to login into their account. Unless user login from both the device there will be no chance to log in into the account. To start using two-factor authentication users can take support from Technical Support Number.

Now after looking at a particular feature offered by Bigpond mail, we will be looking at some of the requests and questions sent by our users. Among all of the sent requests, the most requested topic was how to access Bigpond email on the browser. Well, it is the basic process for users to open their email account. All new users can check on the steps given below to access Bigpond email on the browser.

  • Open any browser of the user’s choice.
  • Next, in the empty URL enter
  • The official webpage for Telstra will open.
  • On the top right side, locate for Sign in and click on it.
  • Then the user will have to enter their email address and password. Then click Sign in.

With the given process users will be able to access Bigpond email on the browser. For more on Bigpond mail connect with Bigpond Customer Support Service.

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