How to Recover Bigpond Username and Password

Bigpond mail or Telstra mail is an email client service provider which has one of the best systems for sending/receiving emails. We all have been seeing that email is a mode of communication which is being used for a very long time.Due to its simple nature, it is still used and considered as one of the standard methods of making conversations. With the new Bigpond mail, users will be able to perform multiple tasks from their email account. To talk about some of the features, Bigpond allows users to connect their other email accounts to Bigpond mail, various accounts can be added. There is also storage allocated for users on their accounts to save important files. Users who are interested in learning the features available on Telstra mail, kindly connect with the Customer Helpline Number.

Getting the basic features of what Bigpond gives to the user, there is another feature that is the most useful feature that any user will have. There are loads of instances where the emails could get deleted accidentally. This sort of incident does happen with all of us, it would get us in trouble if it was an important email. Bigpond has brought a feature where users can retrieve their deleted emails from the account. There is a place called a bin where all the deleted emails are stored. Users can head to the folder and restore any deleted mail. Well, keep in mind that the emails will be stored there for a certain period of time. To learn more on how to retrieve deleted emails contact Support Service.

Let us now take a look at a situation where the Bigpond mail does not work as expected. There are many cases that occurred in Bigpond mail due to changes made by the user. To go intodetail, we would like to discuss the scenario where the email password or username is forgotten. We do know that without these two credentials Bigpond will not allow users to access the account.Telstra has a feature for recovering forgotten email passwords. Users can follow the steps given below to make changes.

  • Begin with opening any web browser. Enter Bigpond’s official website.
  • The website will be loaded where the user will have to click on the Login button.
  • It will redirect to the Login page. The user will have to click on a link, Forgot your password.
  • A new page will be opened, in the empty space given, enter the email address for recovering the password.
  • Next users will have to check their inbox; a reset password link will be sent. Click on the link and the user will have to enter a new account password.
  • Enter the password two times and it’s done.

If there are any other questions related to Bigpond/Telstra mail, contact us at Bigpond Technical Support.

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