How to Recover the Bigpond Email Password?

Bigpond email provides efficient and reliable technical services and features to the customers. Some customer may require some assistance in recovering the Bigpond email password. Those customers who have access to their alternative email account or phone number can follow in order to recover their Bigpond email password. The customers can get connected with the Support center as they provide all kind of Technical services. Or for those who want alternative solution can follow the discussion below.

The customer needs to visit the official website of Bigpond email and go to the login page. If the attempts for login are unsuccessful, then click on the I forget my password option and then select any option as per preference for fixing the issue. Now the recovery process will be started, where the user needs to enter the CAPTCHA for verifying that the user is a human. Recovery can be made if the email account is backed up with an alternative email account or mobile number. Choose one of them, either the email address or mobile number, for recovery and enter the email or phone number as per your preference or ease. After submitting, that verification code will be sent to your email address or phone number. Enter the verification code and click on submit. After entering the verification code, you will be redirected to another page where you, the customer, will get easy access to the account and can change the Bigpond email password. Once the process is completed, customer can change their password, and the recovery process will be successful.

If the customer does not have any access to the recovery phone number or email address, then they can contact Customer support or follow the discussion below.

Every step will be the same till the customer gets to the choose recovery option where an email address or password is chosen. But in this case, the customer does not have any kind of alternative email or phone number. Here, the user must click on I don’t have access to my recovery email option. Click on next to follow the procedure, here the customer needs to enter any working email, or phone number for sending security code and then Telstra will send code on that specific email address or phone number. Enter the security code in the dialogue box appearing on the screen and press enter. Now the Bigpond user will be able to get access to their account and can change the password easily.

These are the steps users can follow in order to Bigpond Recover Password while having a recovery email and phone number, as well as not having a recovery option. There must not be more issue related to this issue anymore, if there is any then kindly get connected to the Customer Support Center

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