How to setup bigpond emails in Mac Mail?

We all can agree that in the modern days, electronic mail-email has become a necessity for every other individual living in society. As technology is developing and evolving, we can clearly see that email is one of them to make progress and development. Email is one of the oldest and fastest ways to communicate with people living around the globe. Various level of conversation can be made either it is formal or informal. And as said earlier, the distance between the sender and receiver is not taken into account as the speed of transferring the message is unbelievable. And not only sending emails, now webmail has upgraded the system by providing users with the feature to send audio files, video files and also attach links. Various other features are available with Bigpond mail; learn all of them from the Support Center.

On the other hand, we all have heard about the Apple mail or Mac mail, and it is one of the primogenital web services which was established by Apple Inc. The following mail service can be operated by macOS, iOS, iPad. Now users will be able to configure their Bigpond mail with the Mac Mail. Mac does with the service where it allows users to receive all of the following emails by configuring the software, and users can attach their digital signature automatically when sending the email, searching with necessary emails. Learn about the features in detail with the Customer Care Number.

And now, we will be looking at the steps where users will be able to set up their Bigpond email in Mac Mails. If users are confused with the steps, kindly contact the free Service Center.

Follow the steps as instructed

  • Before getting started with the process, first users should have an account in Bigpond mail. If users don’t acquire an account, then go to the Website to create one. Make sure to create a password that has six long characters with alpha numeric characters.
  • Now we will have to make arrangement for setting up mail for the Mac device. Select on the apple menu which ever apple device user is using, click on Menu.
  • Their user will have to look for preference in options, and the user will have their choice on selecting the preference.
  • Wait for the account tab to open and click/tab on the plus icon.
  • A new page will be loaded where the user will have to enter their Bigponds password. Once the detail is entered, users can sign in.
  • Click on done once completed, and the new email account is adding process will be completed in the Mac mail.

If users are having trouble with following the steps or encounter any sort of issues, then report the problem to Bigpond Technical Support, where the experts will help users out with solutions.

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