Outlook Asking Bigpond Email Password

Bigpond is an email service provider where users can create an account and use the emailing services. Email is a very old method of communicating with people. The mode of communication is very simple as, users can create an account from which entering the email address of the sender and receiver, users can easily transmit their messages. Bigpond is the fastest growing telecommunication company located in Australia has the best email infrastructure environment.Bigpond is actually a place for new users who have been just introduced to email. The email client is very comfortable, users will not have to search for things to conduct any task. The security of the application is mind-blowing. There is not a single chance that a hacker could penetrate the system, so users can be 100% safe about their data protection. To learn more on Bigpond mail features kindly reach out to Support Service.

If looked at the feature offered by Bigpond users can get more than expected. These days, email services have added additional featureswhich can be used to enhance the experience of emailing. Users can now send pictures, video clips, and links to other users. There is a certain limit for how much data a user can send at a time, the email system also scans the file which is sent at the time of sending and when the receiver opens the mail.Bigpond has the perfect security for users sent an email, if there is any sort of infected files then the system will treat accordingly to such file. If users are not much aware of the system and the security offered by Bigpond mail contact Customer Support.

Bigpond mail is built in such a way where users will not have to face any major issues, but there are times when we might face some minor issues. These minor issues are faced when there are some changes made in the email client. There was an issue registered by our users where Outlook prompts for Bigpond email password. And even after entering the password, the system keeps asking for a password. To solve the problem follow the given steps below.

  • The main reason here could be due to users not appending domain names on their MS Outlook. The changes were not necessary for the earlier version.
  • Users must head to their SMTP settings.
  • Click on the tick box, “Use Same Settings as Incoming Server”. An encryption connection is required to this server
  • The user who has the SMTP as mail,bigpond.com must set their SSL to 465 or 587.
  • Users who have the SMTP as smtp.telstra.com set their SSL to just 465.

After making changes users can check if the system is asking for a password again. If the user requires additional support then kindly refer to Bigpond Technical Support Number.

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