Steps to change Bigpond email server settings in outlook?

Email is a process for sending information from one account to the other. And to do this there is email client software that allows user to create their own email account, compose an email and send it to other email account holders. Now users must be thinking about which email client software to use for sending an email. Well, we can find muchsuch software on the web but not all of them will be reliable. Users should be very careful about selecting this software because if some software turns out to be defective then users’ email account can be at risk. Try Bigpond mail, it is one of the most used email services over the globe which has successfully been able to collect millions of users. The software was initially developed by a telecommunication company due to which all of the necessary features and functionality are available. We do provide all necessary information to our users, there is a place to get support, users can connect with us at Customer Care to collect any information about Bigpond mail.

Since we looked at the basic introduction for Bigpond mail, let us get a bit deeper into getting started with the email client software. First, to get started we should create an account, to do that users can open their browser and open The official page for Bigpond mail will be launched. Then the user will have to click onthe Sign-Up link which will be redirected to a new page. Users will have to fill out the form and complete the process. There are some steps where the user will have to provide their contact details and add a secondary email address, and after verifying the account user’s Bigpond email account will be activated. Then the user can head to sign in and login into their account. If users require any sort of service for signing up for a new account contact Technical Support.

After that, we will be looking at the user’s request for Bigpond mail support. Users were not able to change their Bigpond email server settings in Outlook. Down below in the given points we have provided the necessary changes required to be made for changing Bigpond email server settings.

  • Users will simply have to head to email settings.
  • Next, users should follow the same process as setting up their POP and IMAP settings.
  • By adding new values into the initial values users can simply update the server settings.
  • Make sure to set the correct email settings for Bigpond mail, if not then the email client will have different issues.
  • Make sure to check for Incoming and Outgoing Mail server changes.

With the following steps, users will be able to update or change any email server settings. If there is any sort of issue or confusion regarding the steps for updating server settings kindly reach out to Bigpond Support Service.

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