Steps to setup Bigpond webmail in outlook 2010

Are you confused about deciding over which email client service to start with? Well, if that is the case then we will make things easier for you. We have collected and studied from various sources and have the data about which is the best email client software. The best email client software to use is Bigpond mail, users may have heard about the service. Other also call as Telstra mail, both are some. Telstra is a company where Bigpond is a service for Webmail. With Bigpond email, users will get loads of interesting features which can be used while operating Bigpond mail. The features might look simple but those simple features can help users at the most necessary moments. There is other email client software too, but we don’t suggest users use that software. That softwareis not safe and the user will have a hard time using that email client software. With Bigpond, users will have no such issues because the user interface is developed taking the user’s requirement. Easy navigation and changes make it so easy that even users who don’t have much knowledge about email software can use the service. Well, there is more to learn about Bigpond, if users want to learn more then connect with Customer Care.

After getting a brief introduction about Bigpond mail, we would like to move into getting started with Bigpond mail. To get started with Bigpond mail users will first have to create their email account. To do so, head to the official webpage of Telstra, and users can check the signup link. Click on the signup page and a new page will be opened. There will be various forms that should be filled by the user and completed the process. Once the process is completed, the user will have to verify their account, complete the verification process and the user’s account will be completed. If there is any confusion or problem with the steps, then kindly give us a ring at Support Service Number.

As we move forward in time, there have been several changes on the Bigpond email, users can find many advanced features added to the software. One of the latest and most used features by Bigpond is setting up Bigpond webmail in Outlook 2010. With the following process,the user will be able to operate both email clients from a single point. To make changes follow the steps given below.

  • Open Outlook 2010.
  • Then from the file select info, head to Account settings.
  • In email accounts, the user will have to click on the email and click on New.
  • Then head to the auto account setup window.
  • Make sure to tick on Manually configure server settings.
  • Then the user will have to update the server information.

If there is any confusion or problem with the given steps, then get additional help from Bigpond Technical Support.

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