Steps to setup Bigpond webmail in outlook 2016

One of the best ways of communicating with other people is by sending an email. There are other fancy social media sites but all those are useless. Our task here is just limited to sending and receiving messages, nothing else. Well talking about email services, it is a very old service which was used to communicate with other users. Due to its efficiency and simple nature, we still are using the email service to exchange messages. There isa number of email client software available on the web but among them, one of the most genuine and accurate email client software is Bigpond mail. Bigpond mail is conducted by the Telstra Corporation which is located in Australia. It has been many years since Telstra has been operating email services and users are very happy with the service. If users are also looking for such genuine email clients they get started with Bigpond mail. The process for getting started is very easy, if users require support then kindly give us a call at Customer Support.

Now we came to learn about what Bigpond email is, and how it can be useful for us. Itis time to look at some of the interesting features which are provided by Bigpond’s email. We can now create an email folder to store our received or sent the email. We do understand that there are loads of emails that are received daily and managing those emails is hard and confusing. Now create various folders to save the emails where users can easily navigate their emails and save loads of time. And next interesting feature is restoring deleted emails. Sometimes we delete emails accidentally and those emails cannot be accessed. Now with the new feature user can retrieve their deleted emails. To learn how to use these interesting features, users can take help from the Support Service.

After using an email client software, the user must be aware that there are situations where the software might get caught with some issues. Not to worry about these problems as these cases are occurred if some changes are made to the software. If users have proper knowledge about the situation, then solving it is very simple. Apart from that, we have received some requests where the user wants to learn how to step up Bigpond Webmail in Outlook 2016. The steps for setup are given in the points.

  • Open Outlook 2016, and head to account settings.
  • Then move to new, for new email setup.
  • The user will then have to head to manual setup.
  • In the manual, the user will have to make changes on IMAP and POP.

Once users make changes, Bigpond will be setup for Outlook 2016. For more on Bigpond kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support.

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