Steps to setup Bigpond webmail in Thunderbird

It is a very common thing that all of us will look at the best software/application to use on our computer. And good software is comprised of the best security, best infrastructure, user-friendly environment, and easy steps to make changes in the application. We can find dozens of email client in the web which always promises with its best system and functionalities, but not all of them provides with the service which they have promised. Choose Bigpond mail, after creating a new account on Bigpond mail, the user will have no problem with the performance of the email clients. The email software was built by the company thatis running a telecommunication company, which can also clearly be seen that the company has a good idea and experience about how to deliver a genuine and trustworthy email client software. Well, there are loads to learn about Bigpond mail, if users are interested in grabbing the knowledge then kindly give us a ring at Customer Care.

We all do know that email is mostly used to transfer and receive emails. That was the common functionality on an email client software. In these many years, there have been many development and addition of features in email software. Many potentials were seen what to add on the email client which would eventually make a huge advantage for users. As we know most of the office work is carried out through email, and looking at this scenario, the developers have decided to add other features in it such as, managing the calendar, setting meetings, adding notes about a certain topic, and more. Due to the feature user will not have to install other software on their computer by which loads of time, space can be saved. To learn more on what Bigpond mail offers to us can be found out by contacting Technical Support.

Recently we did receive some requests from users about connecting their Bigpond mail account in Thunderbird. Many users have said that the process at first does not seem confusing but when they start to move on with the process, setting up Bigpond cannot be successful. We have provided the necessary steps to make changes kindly go through the points.

Change the provided email settings to configure users account

Incoming Server Setting

  • Set the POP server to
  • Next user must set the secure connection for SSL encryption.
  • Then change the port to 955.

Outgoing Server Setting

  • Change the SMTP server to
  • Also, this requires a secure connection. STARTTLS/TLS
  • Then change the port to 587

Then tick on the checkbox which indicates outgoing server requiring authentication.

After making the following changes, Bigpond will be configured for Thunderbird. If there are any questions for Bigpond webmail, kindly give us a ring at Bigpond Support Service Number.

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