Unable to Reset my Bigpond Email Password

One of the simplest ways for communicating with people through digital media is via email or electronic mail. The email service was introduced way early in 1971. It is said that the first email was sent from one computer to another on ARPANET, and since then we have been using email service. The medium is very easy to get started with and when there is an email service provider such as Bigpond mail, users will have no difficulty getting started with it. It is very important that the email service should be efficient, user-friendly, and secure. Bigpond has all the necessary qualitiesto make the email service accurate. If you are looking for such quality email software, then get started with Bigpond mail. If users require support for creating a new account, then kindly give us a call at Support Service.

After getting a general idea about what email is and how Bigpond can be used to enhance the email experience, users must be ready to get started with Bigpond. In the beginning process, users will have to head to the official Telstra website. Then by clicking on sign up for a new account, users will be able to create their first Bigpond mail account. After successfully creating the account user will have an email address and password. These two will be required for signing in to your account. Users who are looking for a detailed explanation can connect with Customer Support.

There we covered the part for getting started with the email service. Now is the time to discuss the issues and problems which we might face while using Bigpond mail. There are no major issues reported by users about the email client but there are some minor issues that were observed due to some changes made by the users. We will be talking about the process for changing the password for Telstra mail.There were issues where the process was not executed successfully. Follow the points given below to Reset the Bigpond Password.

  • First, you will have to open the browser and type in Telstra.com.au
  • The official website will be launched.
  • Then on the right-hand side click on login.
  • Next, click on the Forgot your password? link
  • Users will have to enter their email addresses.
  • Then the user will get a link on their secondary email or phone with the password reset link. The backup is created at the time when the user first created their email account.
  • Click on the link and the user will be able to create a new password for Bigpond mail.

If users are still not able to reset their password for Bigpond mail, we suggest users report the situation to Technical Support where our experts will investigate into user’s case and provide a suitable solution.

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