What are reason of bigpond webmail suspension?

We all have heard about the Telstra mail which may be known as Bigpond mail for old users. Well, it is an email platform where users can send and receive emails securely. Not all email services provide secure email services. Email is also one of the main sources for getting viruses. Bigpond mail makes sure to scan the email before the users access it.There are much such security feature which is offered but the telecommunication company. Learn about the services so that users can use Telstra in a more significant way, give us a call at Support Service to get the details.

Moving on, let’s look at some of the situations which we might face while using Telstra mail. One of the most faced issues is the account getting suspended. Users can have reported multiple times about their account suspension. The problem is temporary and can be solved with some steps and information. If users are having such issues then contact us the Technical Support.

Before solving the problem let’s look at the reason, why is the email account getting suspended. Well, there are three different ways the account can get suspended. We will be discussing each reason and the way to fix it. Check on the description given below.

  1. Users payment pending

Users who have not cleared their dues for their account will be credited for account suspension. This information is mentioned at the time when users create the account. It is best to read the license and policy before creating the account. While the account is suspended, users will have no access to their account, sending/receiving emails will be disabled.

Solution: The best way to solve the problem is to clear all the remaining dues on the user’s account. There is no other way to solve the problem. Users can create another account but payment should be done there too.

  • Hacked/Compromised Account

If users are not able to login into their account after entering correct credentials or in a case if the Bigpond system detects the email account is used for sending spam emails the account will be suspended. The system will detect the system is either hacked or compromised, for the user’s account safety it will be suspended.

Solution:To get back users’ accounts, you will have to connect with Customer Support which will undergo some process and users’ accounts will be re-activated. Make sure to change the password once the account is recovered. You would not want to get your account compromised again.

  • Leaving Telstra email Service

If you have decided to shut down the subscription for your Bigpond mail it will close the account. Next, there is a time period of 30 days incase users want to re-use their account, then the technical teams will suspend users’ email account.

For more on Telstra mail kindly reach out to Bigpond Technical Support Service.

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