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Setup Bigpond Email in Microsoft Outlook

Bigpond email service comes with excellent ranges of features. At the same time, you can attain top-class data security with Bigpond email service. For configuring Bigpond email service for your Outlook, you need to follow some simple steps. In the following section, you shall get these steps. People use various email clients for sending and receiving emails. You need an email service that gives excellent data security. If you are searching for such an email service, Bigpond is the best option for you.

Bigpond email users can synchronize their email inbox with Microsoft Outlook. For Outlook configuration, you need to follow a few simple steps. Those steps will be discussed below. For a layman, it could be a difficult thing to Configure Bigpond Account for Outlook. If you are facing any issues in following the steps mentioned below, you can call the Bigpond customer care>.

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Open Your Bigpond Email Account

To open an account with Bigpond email service, you need to fill up online form. Make sure that you fill up the form with all the truthful information. Once the form is filled up, you need to click on “create your account”. Make sure that you enter unique username and password for the account. For configuration of your Bigpond email account, you need to have valid password. So, make sure that you have the account and password. Before you move to configure your Bigpond email service for Outlook software, you need to configure your account first. For account configuration, you need to follow simple steps as mentioned above.

Bigpond Setup for Outlook

For Bigpond setup for Outlook, you need to follow some simple steps. What are those steps? In the following section, you shall get the steps.

  • Open the Outlook application at first.
  • Now, go to the menu section, and then click on “File”.
  • Click on “Add Account” option.
  • Check the “manual setup” option and then move to the next step.
  • On the next screen, you need to select “POP or IMAP option”.
  • You shall get a form. You need to enter name, email address, etc.
  • When these things are done, you need to enter username and password.
  • Go to advanced tab, and enter 993 beside the IMAP.

Following these steps will help you to configure the Bigpond email for Outlook. It takes only a few minutes to complete the steps. Make sure that you follow the steps properly.

For Bigpond email configuration for Outlook, you need to have the email password and username. Once you have the correct password, you can move to the next steps. For obtaining the password, you can follow the steps as discussed below.

  • Open your web browser to manage your Apple ID.
  • Enter your Apple ID for login to your email.
  • Now, go to the security section, where you shall find many options.
  • Here, you shall get an option namely “app specific security option”. Click on this option to generate your password.
  • Select the program or application as Bigpond to generate password for Bigpond email service.
  • Make sure that you keep the password at a confidential place. You can change the password, if you want.

You should keep your email address and password confidential. These credentials should not be shared with others. For more information, you can dial Bigpond technical support phone number. At customer support center, you can find step by step guidance for Bigpond setup on Microsoft Outlook.

Bigpond Email Service on Your Smartphone

BigPond (currently known as Telstra) is a multi-service corporation which offers services related to telecommunications and email services. This facility can be availed in many types of operating devices such as your different computers with different operating systems and your mobile devices with iOS, android and Windows software. Here, in this article, BigPond technical support has provided you the steps that can be used very easily whenever you want to set up this facility on your android device.

It is as simple as setting up another mailing service on your phone. Just follow the following steps in order to get your result:

  • Go to your device and choose the settings option.
  • In settings, select the account column which is present generally at the bottom of all options.
  • Select the button that says, add account and then click the email option.
  • Provide your mailing information which includes your username and case-sensitive password and then manually set up your account.
  • Choose the IMAP account column and then enter as the server.
  • In the security type, select SSL and then make sure that incoming port is 993 and then press next.
  • Again choose as your SMTP server and check that the outgoing port is 465 and select either outgoing authentication or require-sign in.
  • Here, you have to provide your login details again to make sure that you are the rightful owner of this mail.
  • You can change your settings here anytime after; click next to proceed to the end.
  • Provide a name to your account, this name will be shown on the cover of your phone and finally press done to save your changes.

This is how you can setup the BigPond mail in your android phone. You can do many more interesting tasks with your account but for that, you should know the steps. If you have any query or trouble related to your account then you can contact BigPond support on their toll-free phone number. This team is ready to hear all your problems and then can provide you the best suitable solution.

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Contact Us for Assistance

All you need is to get in touch with us with your Bigpond problems. We have technical support staffs to help you with the best type of technical solutions. Bigpond users have to face problems like account settings errors. That means you cannot change certain settings of your account. This is not a common problem, as only a few users often encounter the issues and the problem may occur due to different reasons. Call us anytime at Bigpond technical support number.