Bigpond Email forwarding not working

Telstra has now come with their Bigpond email service and the email client can be used by all the users on different platforms. In the earlier version, Bigpond was only available for Windows as in the latest version, Bigpond can be easily used in Windows, Android, and Mac devices. The email service is one of the best email clients which we can find on the web. The features included in the email client are going to blow your mind. There are also feature which are required to be paid in other email clients but Bigpond offers users free service. The main thing which we would look on anemail application is the easy user interface and fast email transfer, both of the feature is supported at Bigpond mail. Since Telstra is a telecommunication company which is based in Australia, they have years of experience with the best functionality of networks and have implemented the best functions for Bigpond mail. If users are interested in learning about Bigpond in detail then kindly take out your phone and dial straight to Technical Support.

Now we would like to talk about some of the features which can be found after we create an account at Bigpond mail. Well if users are looking to create a new account on Bigpond then simply head to official Bigpond mail and click on Sign up.Customer Care is always there for support if users require any help with creating their email account. As we were talking about some features provided by Telstra mail, retrieving the deleted email is a very famous feature available in Bigpond mail. Users can retrieve their deleted emails from their accounts. The feature was added for making the user experience better, we should keep in mind that the deleted emails are stored for a particular mentioned day. Learn all about Bigpond features with Support Service.

After getting used to Bigpond mail, we have to be aware of certain situations, situations where the functionality can be altered if we don’t correctly take action. We here are referring to some issues and problems which does occur in Bigpond after the user has made some changes in their account. A famous example is a user not able to forward the email to other users. Let’s check on the ways on how to solve the problem of forwarding emails.

  • Users have to check for their internet connection, it should be stable rather than fluctuating.
  • If users have entered the wrong email address of the receiver then the email will not be forwarded.
  • If the email contains infected files it then the system will not allow such files on the account.
  • In a case where the account is running in low storage then an email will not be forwarded.

After going through the points users will be able to solve the issue by not being able to forward their email. For more on Bigpond mail kindly connect with Bigpond Customer Service Center.

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