Bigpond Email Sync Issue in Outlook

The Telstra Telecommunications Company in Australia offers Bigpond Email as a service. Customers who have provided useful feedback on Bigpond email services have shown a need for additional features and improved functionality.

Telstra has also been adamant about delivering more diverse features in response to feedback from its loyal user base. It now has more storage capacity, enhanced compatibility with a variety of devices, and spam-related protection that Australians and people from all over the world utilize.

Problems with Bigpond Telstra accounts, on the other hand, are not uncommon. So, we’ll inform you about some of the standard tricks you should know up your sleeves sleeve to perform better when confronted with such technical issues.

In this article, we’ll dive into the BigPond email sync issue that is happening to many users who browse through the BigPond webmail in Outlook.

What should you do if you cannot sync your BigPond email with Outlook?

If you wake up one morning and your Bigpond account isn’t working in Outlook, it might be frustrating. Telstra, fortunately, has created a great troubleshooting tool. This may be used to fix any problems with your Bigpond account in Outlook. We will, however, always demonstrate how to accomplish it manually.

Keep in mind that your account type is IMAP, and the incoming IMAP server is while using Outlook. If you find that the IMAP account configuration isn’t functioning, you’ll need to try it using your POP account.

  • Go to the website.
    • Go to Settings after logging into your BigPond account.
    • Under “Managing your Accounts,” select “Options.”
    • Now choose the option to “Connect your devices and applications with POP.”

Because BigPond’s page displays a range of settings, you might wish to play around with them in Outlook.

  • Type of account: POP
    • Use as the incoming IMAP server.
    • Use Port 995/993 for incoming IMAP mail
    • SMTP server for outgoing mail:
    • SMTP Outgoing Port: 587/25/465 (with SSL Encryption or TLS depending on the app)
    • Incoming uses SSL: On
    • Outgoing uses SSL: On
    • SMTP authentication:

Here are some further troubleshooting methods that may help you regain access to your Bigpond email. Keep the following considerations in mind.

• To get access to your account, you must enter your username and password correctly. Make sure you type them accurately.

• If you see any unusual activity in your account or believe that it has been hacked, take immediate action.

• When inputting your password, make sure the caps lock key on your keyboard is switched off.

• Verify that your internet connection is functional. Browse websites to double-check.

With these changes, your Bigpond email should sync with your Outlook. If the problem persists, please get in touch with our Bigpond Technical Support team for further assistance.

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