How to retrieve a deleted email from bigpond webmail?

Bigpond is an email service provider which users must have heard a lot about. It is a telecommunication company which is located in Australia. The service is very accurate, users will not have to worry about the quality of the email service. Bigpond email is used all over the world where users are constantly using the services. Nowadays email service has become very advanced. Nowadays if we look at the additional services attached to the email client, there will be loads of other features which we can use to make the experience better. If users are wondering what are the additional features offered by Bigpond mail then there is a service for users where all necessary information can be collected from Support Service.

For now, let’s check on the folder system provided by the Bigpond mail. We do understand there are hundreds of mail incoming at users’ inboxes. And managing the emails from a single place would be very troublesome. To make the process simple, Bigpond allows users to create a separate folder where the emails can be stored according to the need of users. The service is very handy and with the folder system loads of time can be saved. Sometimes we spend all day just looking for a single mail. To learn more on how to use email folders contact Customer Service.

We learned about the email folder, now let’s look at a case where a user accidentally deletes their email. In the earlier version, such email would be gone forever. Now users can retrieve their deleted emails. To learn how to retrieve users deleted mail kindly follow the instructions given below.

Keep in mind that the deleted folder cannot be retrieved but users can easily retrieve their deleted emails.

The email stored inside the folder can be restored. So there is no such issue, the user might be confused about which folder was it saved to?

  • The first step is to log in to their Bigpond mail account.
  • After opening the account head to the “deleted items” or “Trash” folder.
  • After clicking, users will be able to find all the deleted emails. Scroll down and locate users’ emails. Keep in mind that the emails deleted will be stored for exactly 7 days, after that,they will be removed from the trash bin too.
  • Select the emails which users wish to restore. Users can select any number of emails.
  • Clicking on the toolbar which says restore will get back users deleted email.

Users will then easily able to retrieve their deleted emails. If there are any problems or issues while following the steps then we present users with the new Bigpond Technical Support to help out users with solutions.

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