Unable to Receive Bigpond Emails

One of the best and most used email services is the Telstra mail or Bigpond mail which was called in the earlier version. There are technical reasons for Telstra changing its service name. The email service is very safe to use and users can easily get started with sending/receiving emails. To get started users will have to first create an account on the Bigpond mail. There are a couple of steps required to create the password. Users can head to the official website and create their accounts. If users are not sure how to follow the process then kindly contact the Support Center where users will be provided with the necessary steps for creating their first Bigpond mail account.

Email is a great way of communication, we all know that and the process is being used for a very long time. Email platforms such as Bigpond is the old email service provider which has the best system and feature to make the email experience profound.As in every other email client, the technical issue is a very normal case. Users can learn about all sorts of issues related to Bigpond, connect with the Bigpond Customer Care Number.

Discussing the issues which we face while using email service is unable to receive emails on the user’s account. To know more about this we would like to provide users with the reason behind it and the solution for fixing unable to receive Bigpond emails.

If the internet is not working

If the connection for the internet is limited or not working then the Bigpond mail will not be able to operate.

To solve: Users will have to contact their internet service provider and mention the connectivity of their internet. Once the internet is fixed users will be able to receive emails on their Bigpond email account.

Bigpond mail under maintenance

There is a certain time period where the server should be repaired or maintained. In such time the email service will not work, the official website will be down and the notice will be provided to users about the maintenance.

To solve: Well there is no such solution to the problem, users will have to wait until the maintenance is complete. It is a temporary process that will be fixed within an hour or so. So users can sit back patiently and wait until the process is over.

Low Storage Space

If the user’s account is running low disk space, where every account has a specified allocated space. If the capacity has reached the limit then emails will not be received.

To solve: Users will have to select the unnecessary emails and get rid of them. With that, the storage will have enough space to retrieve the emails.

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